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Nada Aoudeh

Nada Aoudeh is currently a vice principal in a public school board in the greater Toronto area (Ontario). She has been an educator for 18 years. She has completed two Masters degrees (in public health and in education) and is working toward a doctorate in education. Her research explores connections of race, ethnicity, and gender in the areas of education and health. She is particularly interested in the interaction of multiple forms of systemic oppression and the impact on minoritized women's leadership.

Prior to becoming an educator, Nada worked as an international consultant in public health in a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa including fieldwork in Gaza, Palestine, where she engaged in a collaborative research project on the connection of occupation and gender violence. She was also the guest editor of special issues of the journal of Violence Against Women which focused on centering the voices of women in the research methodologies used to study gender based violence.

Nada is a provincial equity facilitator, training senior leaders in the human services fields to enable coherence in strategies across sectors(e.g. education, mental health, child welfare, justice, etc.). She is a founding member of an alliance of educators for Muslim students. Nada’s Tedx Education talk ‘Loud Silences and Quiet Voices’ invites educators to not only create space for diverse student voices but to get uncomfortable and listen to those voices that challenge the dominant ways of knowing and being in the world. Nada is committed to a vision of education that centers the experiences and voices of marginalized identities thereby promoting schools as a site of social transformation. Nada is a mama of two. When she doesn’t have her face buried in a book, she can be found eating and laughing with loved ones.