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Published: November 2018
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Jeanne Surface & Debbie Donsky

Call for Submissions


Women in Educational Leadership:  A practitioner’s handbook

Women in Educational Leadership is a handbook for practitioners in the field who identify as women or support women in leadership at all levels. We know that education, although predominantly and traditionally a profession of women, still clings to a patriarchal hierarchy that leaves women navigating leadership differently. By recognizing, deconstructing and interrogating the intersectionality of this experience, our hope is that this book will provide a diversity of narratives that will prompt reflection, dialogue and inspire change. Whether you are a teacher, a school or system leader, or an aspiring educator or leader, and wherever you are on the spectrum of gender, this collection of essays will help you to see different, question more deeply and create space for possibility in all educational settings.

This is a call for contributors for this exciting new opportunity to add to the many narratives which will inform our understanding of educational spaces. Although we have several areas of focus, we are also hopeful that the writers’ voices, experiences and histories will inform how this book is constructed.

Possible areas of focus may include:

·         Mothering in Educational Leadership

·         Racialized Women and Educational Leadership

·         Gender, Sexuality and Educational Leadership

·         Women and Mentorship in Educational Leadership

·         Women in Educational Leadership in the face of #MeToo

·         Women, Social Media and Educational Leadership

At the same time, we are hopeful that the narratives from contributing writers will also shape and guide areas of focus. All narratives should be informed by research within the field of critical feminist theory and its many facets.

Each submission should be between 1500 - 3000 words (with additional space if needed) including:

·         an abstract

·         prompting questions for reflection and dialogue at the end of each submission

·         MS Word, 12 point, double spaced

·         Titles must not exceed 15 words

·         MLA format

Manuscripts should be sent to jsurface@unomaha.edu   


Jeanne Surface, EdD

Nada Aoudeh, MEd

Debbie Donsky. EdD

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