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Pages: 303
Published: July 28, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9918626-3-4
Price: $23.99

Darrin Griffiths & James Ryan

Some Reviews of Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders

We are living through a global period of xenophobia, divisiveness, and new and old exclusions that is trickling down to our schools. There is no better way to teach inclusion than through the use of complex cases that make us think about how we normalize and/or disrupt exclusion in and out of schools. The cases in this book are excellent tools for stimulating in-class discussion and professional development, and it is in these educational spaces that we can begin to learn how to challenge the bullies who want to divide us. 

-Gary Anderson, Dept. of Educational Leadership, NYU

This is a compelling text with useful practical guides for educators and field practitioners broadly defined. The international scope of the book makes it highly significant and relevant, pointing the nuances, challenges and possibilities of inclusivity, social justice and equity education in contemporary times. This work clearly offers intellectual openings for critical dialogues, social criticisms and speculative imaginaries of new educational futurity. 

George J. Sefa Dei, Profession of Social Justice Education & Director, Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, OISE, University of Toronto

"We are living in a context fraught with tensions, conflicts and injustices of every kind. Griffiths and Ryan offer us hope not by providing easy answers, on the contrary by presenting us with an opportunity to reflect, to look into our inner self, our own value system, our own biases, our own prejudices and encouraging us to engage in responsive leadership - a leadership that is spurred by strong ethical behaviour. Each case provides the reader with an opportunity for growth. It is indeed a timely work, to be recommended."

Christopher Bezzina, University of Malta and Uppsala University, Sweden.

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