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Seeking submissions for upcoming book!

We are currently seeking submissions for our upcoming book, The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experience.

The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience spoke directly to practising and aspiring school leaders. Written by school leaders for school leaders, it shared the lived experience of school leaders throughout North America and they addressed opportunities and challenges such as: leadership theories in practice; leadership and adversity; building relationships and developing people; reconciliation through education; equity and inclusion; social justice; leading change and organizational improvement; and maintain ing work-life balance predicted by humor.
This book, The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experience, seeks to extend this conversation to the lived experiences of school-based and system-based educational leaders, including those serving in international settings. This book will feature upwards of 120 chapters from 30+ countries around the world.​ These chapters are to be written as if you were sharing an experience, story, or learning with a colleague over a coffee. It is this narrative form that truly captures the essence of leadership. The book is to be published in late December of 2017 with submissions due to by mid-November, 2017.  If you are interested in contributing a chapter (800 words or less) to this upcoming book please email one of the editors, Darrin Griffiths, directly at darrin.griffiths@wordanddeedpublishing.com


Looking for a publisher for your book?

Our business has been growing expontentially in these past years as we focus on issuses of education and that are connected to social and equity.  Our team of editors works directly with each author and will provide you and your book with all the support to bring the project forward.
Please contact Darrin Gri​ffiths (our company's acquisitions editor) at darrin.griffiths@wordanddeedpublishing.com who will begin the process of by asking questions and determining audience for the book.
Unlike most publisher companies, Word & Deed Publishing Inc., does not require authors to pay for any services in the completion of their book and they provide one of the better royalty programs. At Word & Deed Publishing Inc., we will never ask for money to complete and publish your book.
We are selective howerver in that the content of the book aligns and connects with our company's values of equity and social justice.
Start the process off by contacting Darrin Griffiths at darrin.griffiths@wordanddeedpublishing.com and take the first step to get your book published!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Anna Taliana

The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience is now available!

A new book edited by Darrin Griffiths, Ed.D., and Scott Lowrey, Ed.D., is now available for purchase!  The book includes 56 chapters that feature leadership narratives from school leaders throughout the United States and Canada. The narratives are written as if you were sharing an insight and/or experience with a colleague over a coffee. The book's greatest strength resides in the honesty and expertise of its contributors.  This book is should be a staple in all schools and with each school leader!
Anna Taliana

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