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Women and Educational Leadership: A Practitioner's Handbook


Pages: 0
Published: September 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9959782-3-2
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by Jeanne Surface & Kay A. Keiser

Women in Educational Leadership: A practitioner’s handbook is a handbook for practitioners in the field who identify as women or support women in leadership at all levels. We know that education, although predominantly and traditionally a profession of women, still clings to a patriarchal hierarchy that leaves women navigating leadership differently. By recognizing, deconstructing and interrogating the intersectionality of this experience, our hope is that this book will provide a diversity of narratives that will prompt reflection, dialogue and inspire change. Whether you are a teacher, a school or system leader, or an aspiring educator or leader, and wherever you are on the spectrum of gender, this collection of essays will help you to see different, question more deeply and create space for possibility in all educational settings.