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Danielle Cassell

Danielle Cassell has been involved in primary education (4-11 years) for 40 years and has worked in England and Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She has taught in a variety of city and semi-rural schools over a period of 20 years and has been headteacher for two primary schools. Danielle is passionate about the quality of children's learning and has built the schools' culture and capacity through the development of staff. She has worked in advisory capacities to support school leadership and classroom pedagogy and has contributed to a number of educational authority policy groups. Currently she is working as a primary phase inspector/advisor for a local education authority. Danielle graduated as a Doctor of Education from the Institute of Public Policy and Professional Practice at Keele University, Chesire. Her thesis was concerned with the impact of assessment policies on teachers' professional practice in three jurisdictions. Danielle has a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Education degree in History and Education.

Books authored or co-authored by Danielle Cassell:

Save Our Teachers' Souls: