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W & D Roster of Books


Fighting the Good Fight: Narratives of the African American Principalship

Isaac C. Carrier & Aaron J. Griffen

Fighting the Good Fight enables those in the trenches to share their firsthand experiences of what it means to be on the front lines of education in America. In these thought-provoking and eye-opening narratives by African American principals and assistant principals from across the United States, equity and social justice are paramount. By sharing their insight and expertise, these school leaders offer strategies for navigating the stresses of principalship and the weight of systemic barriers while addressing the critical challenges of 21st century schools.

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Fighting the Good Fight: Narratives of the African American Principalship

Isaac C. Carrier & Aaron J. Griffen

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Roster of Books

Women and Educational Leadership: A practitioner’s handbook A Practitioner's Handbook

Jeanne Surface & Kay A. Keiser

Women in Educational Leadership: A practitioner’s handbook is a handbook for practitioners in the field who identify as women or support women in leadership at all levels. We know that education, although predominantly and traditionally a profession of women, still clings to a patriarchal hierarchy that leaves women navigating leadership differently. By recognizing, deconstructing and interrogating the intersectionality of this experience, our hope is that this book will provide a diversity of narratives that will prompt reflection, dialogue and inspire change.

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The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experience

Darrin Griffiths & Scott Lowrey

A book written by Educational Leaders for Educational Leaders! The Leader Reader is a superb collection of 119 narratives from educational leaders throughout the world. These authentic and powerful international learning experiences take the reader from Utah to Malta, Gloucestershire to Singapore, Toronto to Abu Dhabi and back again, with new inspiration, learnings, and hope after every chapter.

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Voices Leading from the Ecotone 

Anthony Normore & Antonia Issa Lahera & Antonia Issa Lahera & Kendall Zoller

The ecotone is a place of tension where infiltration and survival are tested in unique ways. In terms of school leadership, the ecotone is where we see leadership as a necessary and essential adaptation. Voices Leading from the Ecotone is a volume of narratives by practicing urban school leaders who share adaptive school experiences in high-needs schools where social justice issues are prevalent, and are a daily reality of communities. These can range from issues of poverty, gangs, violence, racial tensions, disabilities, and LGBTQ. Each narrative highlights a leader’s struggles, challenges, and identify the “a-ha” moments that have helped the school move forward.

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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching 

Benjamin Kutsyuruba & Keith Walker

Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith Walker have gathered together over 40 teacher educators, beginning teachers, program coordinators, teacher association and ministry of education experts, teacher mentors, mentors of mentors, school administrators, and educational researchers to provide a unique, pan-Canadian set of perspectives in The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching.

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Leading with Heart: Enacting Self-Care, Collective Care, and Justice 

Amy Burns & Mary-Ann Mitchell-Pellett

Self-care, Collective Care, and Justice is a volume that tells the stories of those who want to lead differently. Through a commitment to the well-being of self and others, leaders can both ensure a healthy and productive workplace. The chapters contained here-in offer insights into how one leads and lives with heart, both individually and collectively, and situates this choice as an act of social justice that promotes a sense of belonging for all.

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Ninety Feet Under: What poverty does to people

John Strazzabosco

Ninety Feet Under - the myriad effects of poverty, and the challenges faced in escaping it.

The great value in this book is that it not only examines the lives of people caught in poverty, especially from generation to generation, it looks at poverty itself in a revolutionary way.

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The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World

Denver J. Fowler

This groundbreaking book, titled The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World, focuses on effectively leading schools in the digital age (21st Century and beyond) where a majority of all stakeholders including students, staff, parents, community members, and business owners are digital natives.

Written by an award-winning practitioner and international scholar, the author infuses this approach as it applies to all aspects of school leadership.

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Teacher Wellbeing: Flourishing in Schools by Noticing, Nurturing, and Sustaining

Sabre Cherkowski & Keith Walker

Teacher Wellbeing Matters!

Grounded in research that explores flourishing schools and positive educational leadership, this book advocates for much more attention on teacher wellbeing.

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Key Questions for Educational Leaders 

Darrin Griffiths & John P. Portelli

This book features essays from top international scholars and practitioners on educational leadership.  Each of these authors addresses a specific question directly related to educational leadership and how to make schools more equitable and socially just. Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a must-read for all current and prospective educational leaders as well as those who facilitate leadership programs and ongoing learning.

Some of the featured authors include:  Helen M. Gunter (University of Manchester);  Joan Poliner Shapiro (Temple University); George Sefa Dei (OISE/UT); John MacBeath (Cambridge University); Margaret Grogan (Chapman University, California); John Smyth (University of Huddersfield);  Lejf Moos (Aarhus University, Copenhagen); and Ronald G. Sultana (University of Malta).

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Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders 

Darrin Griffiths & James Ryan

This book features case studies from teachers, leaders and educational professors on inclusion in schools. Using a conception of inclusion that acknowledges issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and ability, this book provides readers with a useful blend of theory and practice.

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The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience

Darrin Griffiths & Scott Lowrey

The Principal Reader speaks directly to the practising and prospective principals. It involves the lived experiences of practising principals throughout North America and how they address issues such as: change, conflict, social justice, student achievement, burnout, and leadership.

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Perspectives on Canadian Educational Law and Policy 

William T. Smale

This book presents a range of perspectives on educational law and policy and is divided into three sections addressing topics related to K-12 education, fundamental freedoms and Charter rights, and contemporary legal issues surrounding higher education. This highly engaging book focuses mainly on Canadian case law and jurisprudence, but also draws on American examples.

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Save Our Teachers' Souls: Professional and Social Well-Being in a Managerial Environment

Danielle Cassell & Victoria Door

The authors take the themes of well-being, happiness and flourishing and apply them to the lives of those who work in schools. Drawing on educational professionals' words and experiences, they show there is a deeply held view that teaching is an immensely worthwhile activity, but that uncritical, indiscriminate use of business models in education conflicts with pedagogic principles. They suggest how thinking about learning, leadership and management can be realigned to fit with teachers' sense of value and professional judgement, and how a technical rational view of accountability and performativity might be changed to make school a place where all concerned can flourish within a humane system based on trust and responsibility.

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Everyday Encounters 

John P. Portelli

Portelli has reinvented the genre of the short story. One has to move on, with one’s imaginary hopping from one stance to another, from rancour to joy, resentment to kindness, holiness to blasphemy. Some moments of our lives are the most memorable ones, and are more significant than hours or maybe years… Moments of happiness, loss, embarrassment, moments of hope. Portelli writes about these memorable moments. Portelli’s swift, conceptually clear and sharp short stories provide us with ordinary yet complex social encounters… sublime encounters that transfer authentic realities into realistic narratives.

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Everyone But Fajza 

John P. Portelli

Everyone but Fajza starts off with conflicting media reports in Toronto about a serious incident involving Fajza. The major characters narrate their relation with Fajza and offer their construction of events.

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HeartSpace: Practices and Rituals to Awaken, Emerge, Evolve, and Flourish At Work and In Life 

Antonia Issa Lahera & Kendall Zoller

For those of you considering this book, know that you may be transformed by it. Every time a group is together, there is potential for connection and meaning. We all crave a sense of belonging, so why not create the space for community to form in every encounter? HeartSpace creates a way of doing business that positively impacts the way people pay attention to each other, how they attend to their relationships, and how they approach the work at hand.

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Goodbye for Now: True Stories of Life, Love, and Loss 

Darrin Griffiths & Tom Seaton

Because life does not end here and love continues after the body has passed away, Word & Deed Publishing is putting together a book of stories about saying goodbye to a loved one. All of us have lost someone dear to us – grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling, child, grandchild, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, mentor, coworker, companion, or pet.

We’re looking for contributions that tell a story of life, love, loss, and how we say goodbye to a loved one. Submissions should be 800–900 words maximum and include a photo of the contributor with the loved one.

Each contributor will receive support from a team of experienced editors throughout the publishing process.

Expressions of interests in this publication should be directed to Darrin Griffiths and Tom Seaton at info@wordanddeedpublishing.com

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