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Manuscript Submissions

Word & Deed Publishing is inviting submissions for our growing roster of books. Our business has been growing expontentially as we focus on issuses of education that are connected to social justice and equity. Our authors range from academics to engaged citizens, all hoping that their book resonates with others seeking to change the existing paradigm. We encourage anyone who shares our vision that schools are places where all children must receive equitable opportunities for success and where the status quo must be challenged. Our resources support all educators with making significant changes in the lives of students and their families.

Unlike most publishing companies, Word & Deed Publishing Inc., does not require authors to pay for any services in the completion of their book; in fact, not only will we will never ask for money to complete and publish your book, we provide one of the better royalty programs. Additionally, our team of editors works directly with each author and will provide you and your book with all the support necessary to bring the project to completion. While many of our books are integrated into post-secondary course use, this does not mean they aren't accessible to a wider audience.

Please be aware, however, that we are selective about the books we choose to take on. It is critical that the content of the book aligns and connects with our company's values of equity and social justice. If you feel that your idea meshes with our philosophy then we want to hear from you. Please contact Darrin Griffiths (our company's acquisitions editor) who will begin the process by asking key questions and helping determine the audience for your book.

After you have spoken with Darrin to go over your ideas we will ask you to submit a proposal, which will include the following:

  • an overview covering why you wish to write this book;
  • the primary theme;
  • any awareness you have of the potential market (including connections you have, information about courses it could become part of, and why you feel there is room in the market for it);
  • a projected timeline for the manuscript's completion, and an estimate of its length;
  • a sample chapter if you have completed one; and
  • a CV showing credentials connected to being an authority on the subject.

When you are prepared to send your proposal please send it in PDF format to our acquisitions editor.