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Word & Deed Publishing is dedicated to providing resources and support for educators who are social justice and equity advocates in their schools and/or districts.  We see schools as places where all children must receive equitable opportunities for success and where the status quo must be challenged.  Our resources support all educators with making significant changes in the lives of students and their families.

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More About Word & Deed

Learners in today's classrooms face unique challenges that were unimagined even one generation ago. We publish resources for educators to address these obstacles and help every learner reach his or her full potential.

Word & Deed strives to promote equity and social justice to meet the needs of today's diverse school environments.

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Our Latest Book

Fighting the Good Fight: Narratives of the African American Principalship

Fighting the Good Fight enables those in the trenches to share their firsthand experiences of what it means to be on the front lines of education in America. In these thought-provoking and eye-opening narratives by African American principals and assistant principals from across the United States, equity and social justice are paramount. By sharing their insight and expertise, these school leaders offer strategies for navigating the stresses of principalship and the weight of systemic barriers while addressing the critical challenges of 21st century schools.

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Key Questions for Educational Leaders

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The 21st Century School Leader:



Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders



Save Our Teachers' Souls:


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This book provides great case studies of inclusion that will spark reflection and discussion for educational leaders to act.“None of us enter the field of educational leadership not to take actions.” This is a quote within this book that resonates with me because it highlights a dichotomy, one that is reassuring and problematic at the same time. As educational leaders we bring our lived experiences to our practices and decision making each day and we need to have mechanisms in place, whether that be a critical mentor, an advisory committee, or a intentional new learning experiences, that will challenge our biases to ensure that the “actions” we are taking provide equitable access and opportunity for all students and staff to feel valued, safe, accepted, and supported if we are committed to improving outcomes for all students.
Written by - Manny Figueiredo, Director of Education, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, Ontario, Canada
Book being reviewed - Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders

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Word & Deed Publishing has been growing expontentially as people continue to connect with our focus on issues of education that are connected to social justice and equity. We encourage anyone who shares our vision that schools are places where all children must receive equitable opportunities for success and where the status quo must be challenged. Our resources support all educators with making significant changes in the lives of students and their families.

Our authors range from academics to engaged citizens, all hoping that their book resonates with others seeking to change the existing paradigm. While many of our books are integrated into post-secondary course use, this does not mean they aren't accessible to a wider audience. Our team of editors works directly with each author, and will provide you and your book with the necessary support.

We are selective, however, in that the content of the book needs to align with our company's values of equity and social justice. The beginning of the process involves speaking with Darrin Griffiths, Director of Acquisitions, to go over your ideas.

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