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Kay A. Keiser

Kay A. Keiser, EdD is Chair of the Educational Leadership Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. During her time at the university, Kay has been named Outstanding Teacher in the College of Education and Carnegie Scholar, and has hooded over 50 doctoral candidates. She is a co-author of Prepare to Chair: Leading the Dissertation and Thesis Process as well as articles on administrator dispositions, school community relations, teaching and learning styles, and social justice.

Her current research interest is gender differences in leadership decisions, both for PK12 administrators and higher education leadership. She had been involved with developing survey instruments measuring school climate, diversity dispositions, academic chair evaluation, and student growth in learning research tools. Prior to becoming a professor, she served as a teacher and administrator for the Omaha Public Schools for 25 years.

Books authored or co-authored by Kay A. Keiser:

Women and Educational Leadership: A Practitioner's Handbook