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The Leader Reader:
Narratives of Experience


Pages: 370
Published: September 2018
ISBN: 980-0-9959782-0-1
Price: $29.99

by Darrin Griffiths & Scott Lowrey

A book written by Educational Leaders for Educational Leaders! The Leader Reader is a superb collection of 119 narratives from educational leaders throughout the world. These authentic and powerful international learning experiences take the reader from Utah to Malta, Gloucestershire to Singapore, Toronto to Abu Dhabi and back again, with new inspiration, learnings, and hope after every chapter. Whether dealing with an under-resourced school or an overwhelming workload, these educational leaders have seen it all and share their hard-won experiences. This book is essential reading for educational leaders wanting a broader network of peers to learn from and ideas to explore.

Reviews for The Leader Reader:

Griffiths has made an important contribution as many school leaders will find this book a valuable resource in their day-to-day efforts to make their schools more holistic and inclusive.
John P. Miller, author of the Holistic Curriculum and Whole Child Education