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Teacher Wellbeing:
Flourishing in Schools by Noticing, Nurturing, and Sustaining


Pages: 163
Published: June 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9959782-2-5
Price: $23.99

by Sabre Cherkowski & Keith Walker

Teacher Wellbeing Matters!

Grounded in research that explores flourishing schools and positive educational leadership, this book advocates for much more attention on teacher wellbeing. Offering a blend of theory and practice, this book is written to engage teachers, groups of teachers, and school leaders in conversations that help make sense of the often overwhelming demands inherent in teaching, the accompanying challenges of these realities, and their impacts on teachers’ wellbeing. The authors argue that as teachers foster the wellbeing of their students, they must ensure that their own self-care is a professional priority.

Reviews for Teacher Wellbeing:

At a time when there is too much focus on the negative aspects of schools, this book provides inspiration for a positive and hopeful consideration of the work of educators. Cherkowski and Walker provide wisdom and insight that helps teachers and school leaders to reconsider their work from a positive perspective. Innovative guided reflections and actions throughout the book promote reader engagement. Practical, scholarly, insightful, this is a book that will be a resource for those in schools wanting to better support their colleagues, and to develop communities full of hope.
David Gurr, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Melbourne.
David Gurr, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Melbourne.

This book challenges much conventional thinking about what it takes to improve schools, balancing theory from several disciplines with stories from schools and practical guidance. A refreshing addition to the literature and an uplifting read.
Dr Louise Stoll, Professor of Professional Learning, UCL Institute of Education, London.