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Save Our Teachers' Souls:
Professional and Social Well-Being in a Managerial Environment


Pages: 128
Published: December 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9918626-5-8
Price: $25.99

by Danielle Cassell & Victoria Door

The authors take the themes of well-being, happiness and flourishing and apply them to the lives of those who work in schools. Drawing on educational professionals' words and experiences, they show there is a deeply held view that teaching is an immensely worthwhile activity, but that uncritical, indiscriminate use of business models in education conflicts with pedagogic principles. They suggest how thinking about learning, leadership and management can be realigned to fit with teachers' sense of value and professional judgement, and how a technical rational view of accountability and performativity might be changed to make school a place where all concerned can flourish within a humane system based on trust and responsibility.

Reviews for Save Our Teachers' Souls:

A book with a soul!  A very courageous and much needed call from the grassroots. A must-read by all in educational policy and leadership.
John P. Portelli, Professor, OISE, University of Toronto