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The 21st Century School Leader:
Leading Schools in Today's World


Pages: 213
Published: June 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9918626-3-4
Price: $29.99

by Denver J. Fowler

This groundbreaking book, titled The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World, focuses on effectively leading schools in the digital age (21st Century and beyond) where a majority of all stakeholders including students, staff, parents, community members, and business owners are digital natives.

Written by an award-winning practitioner and international scholar, the author infuses this approach as it applies to all aspects of school leadership. Chapters include Leading Schools in Today's World, Social Media for School Leaders 101, The Importance of Being a Life-Long Learner, Closing the Achievement Gap, Ethics and Leadership, Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, School Climate and School Culture, Work-Life Balance, Professional Learning Network, Leading for Inclusiveness, Educational Policy, School Law, School Finance and Human Resources, and Tips for School Leaders.

The book will become a staple in university school leadership programs across the country.

Reviews for The 21st Century School Leader:

Public education is changing rapidly and that change requires a new mindset and skillset from educators. With this text, Dr. Fowler articulates a road map for current and aspiring school leaders to meet these new challenges head-on for the benefit of student learning and growth, and as such, it is a must read for practitioners.
Dr. Justin Geurin (Educational Leadership Consultant and Professor)

As a successful school principal and professor, I am extremely impressed with the accuracy, profoundness, and utility of The 21st Century School Leader. This book captures the essence of effective school leadership in the current age of accountability.
Dr. Arvin Johnson (Former Principal and Current Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Kennesaw State University)