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Key Questions for Educational Leaders


Pages: 307
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9918626-1-0
Price: $21.95 USD

by Darrin Griffiths & John P. Portelli

Leadership is the key to making schools more equitable and socially just!

Key Questions offers 42 short essays from international educational leadership scholars and practitioners on everything from parental engagement to special education to supporting Indigenous students. This book is a valued and requisite resource for both practising and prospective educational leaders.

Racism, social class, equity, social justice, spirituality, ethics, accountability, indoctrination, authority, accountability, advocacy, social justice, feminism, spiritual leadership, and critical self-reflection are among the many intangible aspects of leadership covered in this book.

Some of the critical questions include:

i). What does racism have to do with school leadership?

ii). Why should school principals think about social class?

iii). How can educational leaders support sexual and gender minority students in our schools?

iv). What is feminist leadership?

v). How should student voice impact educational leaders?

vi). How does educational leadership influence student learning?

vii). How can educational leaders promote mental health in schools?

Each question and response will provide the reader with insight into the challenges and tensions as well as next steps. 

This book is the most comprehensive book on educational leadership on the market and its greatest strength is found in the 42 authors ability to connect the theory and practice with improving schools so that all students benefit.

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Reviews for Key Questions for Educational Leaders

Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a terrific book. The multiple and diverse authors invite readers to consider and reconsider the complexities of leading schools for liberal democratic societies. Furthermore, the editors of this volume have done an outstanding job in weaving the multiple authors and their viewpoints into such an engaging and provocative book. Key Questions for Educational Leaders should become standard fare in educational leadership circles and well beyond.

Catherine A. Lugg, Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University

If you want to understand the complexities, including the contradictions and tensions of educational leadership, read this book! Darrin Griffiths and John Portelli have done a superb job of bringing together a group of authors whose chapters will engage the reader in reflecting and interrogating their own educational practices of leadership, while at the same time keeping the focus on  having learners in schools have a better experience than has historically been the case. 
Blye Frank, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Education, UBC