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HeartSpace: Practices and Rituals to Awaken, Emerge, Evolve, and Flourish At Work and In Life


Pages: 210
Published: 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7773454-2-6
Price: $26.99

by Antonia Issa Lahera & Kendall Zoller

For those of you considering this book, know that you may be transformed by it. Every time a group is together, there is potential for connection and meaning. We all crave a sense of belonging, so why not create the space for community to form in every encounter? HeartSpace creates a way of doing business that positively impacts the way people pay attention to each other, how they attend to their relationships, and how they approach the work at hand. A collective energy we call “spirit” emerges and propels the group forward, creating a new way of being. HeartSpace grows positive interdependent cultures based on vibrant interpersonal relationships. This book provides a variety of HeartSpace practices to use with any group.