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Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders


Pages: 303
Published: July 28, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9918626-3-4
Price: $23.99

by Darrin Griffiths & James Ryan

This book features case studies from teachers, leaders and educational professors on inclusion in schools. Using a conception of inclusion that acknowledges issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and ability, this book provides readers with a useful blend of theory and practice. Each case is situated in a school setting and offers readers opportunities to learn about the complexities and challenges associated with issues of exclusion and to develop practices that support inclusion.

Reviews for Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders

This is a compelling text with useful practical guides for educators and field practitioners broadly defined. The international scope of the book makes it highly significant and relevant, pointing the nuances, challenges and possibilities of inclusivity, social justice and equity education in contemporary times. This work clearly offers intellectual openings for critical dialogues, social criticisms and speculative imaginaries of new educational futurity.
George J. Sefa Dei, Profession of Social Justice Education & Director, Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, OISE, University of Toronto

Darrin Griffiths and James Ryan, who are well-respected scholars and longstanding educators, have assembled a brilliant collage of international authors to provide their readers with 39 concise, engaging, morally problematic and provocative case studies, around the theme of inclusion. Based on current learning community realities, these cases introduce an array of well-formed issues, dilemmas, quandaries and imperatives. To work through the accompanying case questions is to be sensitized, educated, equipped and ethically transformed.
Keith D. Walker, Professor, Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan