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Jim  Bisakowski - Director of Design

Word and Deed Publishing After graduating from Dalhousie University (B.Sc. - Engineering and Math), Jim specialized in corporate planning while employed in industry as an independent consultant in Canada and abroad. During this time he also taught Business Systems Analysis at Camosun College. The large number of reports and proposals required in his work led him to the formation of a document production company, producing a variety of reports, magazines, government documents, and books.

Eventually, he turned his​ focus to books and has now produced well over 300. He is the recepient of the prestigious Corel World Design Award for book design. Jim works from his home office in British Columbia and produces books for clients throughout the world.  His company is www.bookdesign.ca and he recently joined the Word & Deed Publishing team.

Please contact Jim directly if you have any questions related to book design with Word & Deed Publishing. 
eMail Jim Bisakowski.

Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr - Associate Editor

Word and Deed Publishing Dr. Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr is a writer, editor, and publisher, a part-time professor at University of Ottawa, and an independent researcher of Canadian publishing history. She teaches essay writing to first year students and has been the recipient of two blended learning grants from Teaching and Learning Support Services (uOttawa) in order to create a blended version of this mandatory course. She has been the Director of University of Ottawa Press, Managing Editor of the United Church Publishing House, Publisher of Winding Trail Press, Production Manager of Stewart House Publishing, Associate Editor of McGraw-Hill Ryerson, and Marketing Assistant for Stoddard Kids.

Her research has been supported by the Access Copyright Foundation, the Tremaine Fellowship (Bibliographical Society of Canada), the McWatters Visiting Fellowship (Queen’s University Archives), the Frances E. Russell Grant (Canadian section of the International Board on Books for Young People), and the Institute of Canadian and Aboriginal Studies at the University of Ottawa. She is currently at work on her own book about the sale of the Ryerson Press, the Royal Commission on Book Publishing, and the development of cultural policy related to book publishing in Canada.

eMail Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr.

Mark Cassar - Associate Editor & Publishing Inquiries

Word and Deed Publishing Mark Cassar is an inspiring leader with a gift for engaging staff, students and parents in the life of his school. Student achievement, 21st Century teaching and learning, promoting a positive school climate and parent involvement are all a part of vision for education. A dedicated principal, Mark promotes professional development for staff and is an advocate for at-risk students.

Mark obtained a B.Ed and began his career as a teacher. He later went on to receive an M. Ed and Supervisory Officer Qualifications and is now an elementary school principal in the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. Mark’s track record of achieving dramatic results can be illustrated through collaborating with others and fostering an engaged school community. Early on he realized the importance of working with the community in promoting student success by developing links between home and school and taking a personal interest in every child to help them realize their potential and develop positive self-worth. He also champions leadership opportunities for students by supporting a strong and active Student Council, Student Faith Ambassadors and bullying-prevention teams. “Dedication to children comes first. Everything else will flow from there.”

In 2009, Mark’s school was part of a documentary called Changing Course which followed the school community as it implemented a safe schools initiative and worked with several community organizations providing services like a breakfast program, a mentoring program and homework assistance. Through this program, and an ongoing school-wide dedication to inclusive learning, there was a drop in suspension rates and behavioral issues, as well as improved relationships between parents and the school’s staff. In 2012 Mark received the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Leadership, which is presented to a leader with the ability to inspire others to get involved and take action to help Ontario students and young children realize their full potential. Recipients display a drive to modernize the learning environment, positively influence staff development and expand the school’s culture of inclusiveness.

Mark runs the Ongoing Learning division of Word and Deed Publishing.  If you would like to know more about any specific course or have an idea for a course that would fit our social justice approach please get in touch.
eMail Mark Cassar.

Debbie Donsky - Associate Editor

Word and Deed Publishing Dr Debbie Donsky is currently a Student Achievement Officer at the Ministry of Education in Ontario supporting professional learning for leaders. She has been an elementary principal and teacher for 25 years, is a mother of two amazing teenagers and loves to read, blog and draw in her free time, as well as spend time with her very patient husband of almost 20 years. She has been sketchnoting for about two years and uses it as a way to document, reflect and share her thinking with others.

Debbie completed her EdD from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto in 2006 where she focused on the dynamic created when Critical Pedagogy is infused into Knowledge Building. She investigates the role of power in pedagogy and how can we find spaces of possibility in the curriculum to honour student voice and social justice in a responsive and dynamic way. By examining patterns of participation and dialogue, whose knowledge is valued and whose is silenced and the various forms of resistance in the classroom and school that either promote or inhibit critical knowledge building, Debbie questions the role of the educator in creating these spaces. The application of this thinking through adult learning and social media is something that Debbie continues to play with in terms of power in learning spaces, dialogue and social constructions of self through storytelling and professional learning.  

Debbie recently did a TEDx talk called Reclaiming Space at TEDxEDKitchener which focuses on the experiences of marginalization and discrimination faced by fat people. She has illustrated and co-authored Milo’s Adventures, a story about love through the lived experiences of a child (her godson) born to two daddies with the support of a surrogate and has published in other professional journals and books.

If you want to learn more, check out her website at www.debbiedonsky.com.

eMail Debbie Donsky.

Darrin Griffiths - Associate Editor and Director of Acquisitions

Word and Deed Publishing

Darrin has worked with numerous authors throughout the years and understands the publishing domain and demand for the areas of social justice, equity, leadership, and the need for a blend of theory and praxis.  As an experienced school principal, Darrin knows the demands and challenges of the role of principal and the intricacies of supporting all participants.  Darrin has taught Doctoral and Masters courses at Western University as well as Masters courses at OISE while continuing as a Senior Lecturer at Niagara University.
If you have an idea for b​ook please email Darrin and he will return your email within two business days to set up a time to dialogue about your idea.

eMail Darrin Griffiths.

Crystal Ling - Marketing Manager

Word and Deed Publishing
Crystal Ling is a results-driven entrepreneur, youth activist, and storyteller, with a strong passion for innovation and creativity. She specializes in multiple channels of Digital Marketing including Social Media, SEO, CRM, and Lead Nurture Optimization. In addition, she has had 6 years of experience in Graphic design and 4 years of experience in leading and coaching small marketing teams. She has designed, facilitated, and led marketing seminars at more than 10 conferences across Canada in the last 3 years. 
In her spare time, she loves to surf through marketing campaigns while uncovering their human insights. If she had to describe herself in one quote, it would be one by Albert Einstein: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

eMail Crystal Ling.
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