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Word & Deed Publishing is dedicated to providing resources and support for educators who are social justice and equity advocates in their schools and/or districts.  We see schools as places where all children must receive equitable opportunities for success and where the status quo must be challenged.  Our resources support all educators with making significant changes in the lives of students and their families.
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Learners in today's classrooms face unique challenges that were unimagined even one generation ago. We publish resources for educators to address these obstacles and help every learner reach his or her full potential.

Word & Deed strives to promote equity and social justice to meet the needs of today's diverse school environments.

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Antonia Issa Lahera

Dr. Antonia Issa Lahera currently works as an Associate Professor at CSU Dominguez Hills in the School Leadership Program.  During her nearly 30 years in the field she has worked in urban settings as a teacher, staff developer and site principal.  She has worked in highly innovative settings as the leader of a reconstituted school and also a school ending the social promotion of students to high school.  Dr. Issa Lahera received her doctorate from the University of Southern California in 2003 in urban leadership.  She has worked as a mentor for the National Urban Alliance and done extensive work around the country.

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