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Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders

Darrin Griffiths & James Ryan

This book features case studies from teachers, leaders and educational professors on inclusion in schools.  Using a conception of inclusion that acknowledges issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and ability, this book provides readers with a useful blend of theory and practice. Each case is situated in a school setting and offers readers opportunities to learn about the complexities and challenges associated with issues of exclusion and to develop practices that support inclusion.

What's the Buzz?

Darrin Griffiths and James Ryan, who are well-respected scholars and longstanding educators, have assembled a brilliant collage of international authors to provide their readers with 39 concise, engaging, morally problematic and provocative case studies, around the theme of inclusion.  Based on current learning community realities, these cases introduce an array of well-formed issues, dilemmas, quandaries and imperatives.  To work through the accompanying case questions is to be sensitized, educated, equipped and ethically transformed
Keith D. Walker, Professor, Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan

We are living through a global period of xenophobia, divisiveness, and new and old exclusions that is trickling down to our schools. There is no better way to teach inclusion than through the use of complex cases that make us think about how we normalize and/or disrupt exclusion in and out of schools. The cases in this book are excellent tools for stimulating in-class discussion and professional development, and it is in these educational spaces that we can begin to learn how to challenge the bullies who want to divide us. 

-Gary Anderson, Dept. of Educational Leadership, NYU

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Principals of Inclusion

Darrin Griffiths

Inclusion is the key to reaching every student and achieving whole-school reform.


Drawing on his own experience and that of other urban school principals, Dr. Griffiths identifies the barriers to inclusion and suggests creative ways to overcome them, including:

• A step-by-step framework for growing inclusion in any school
• A game plan for getting students, staff and parents on board
• Tips on developing allies
• Strategies for turning resistance into support
• A reconceptualization of the principalship that supports inclusion and social justice.

What's the Buzz?

Griffiths has made an important contribution as many school leaders will find this book a valuable resource in their day-to-day efforts to make their schools more holistic and inclusive.
John P. Miller, author of the Holistic Curriculum and Whole Child Education

It is one of the few educational leadership texts, grounded in a critical theoretical frame, that provides the reader with practical, critically-based, day-to-day strategies to afford every child in the school a quality educational experience.
Michael E. Dantley, Ed.D, Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership, School of Education, Health and Society, Miami University.

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Key Questions for Educational Leaders

Darrin Griffiths & John P. Portelli

This book features essays from top international scholars and practitioners on educational leadership.  Each of these authors addresses a specific question directly related to educational leadership and how to make schools more equitable and socially just. Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a must-read for all current and prospective educational leaders as well as those who facilitate leadership programs and ongoing learning.

Some of the featured authors include:  Helen M. Gunter (University of Manchester);  Joan Poliner Shapiro (Temple University); George Sefa Dei (OISE/UT); John MacBeath (Cambridge University); Margaret Grogan (Chapman University, California); John Smyth (University of Huddersfield);  Lejf Moos (Aarhus University, Copenhagen); and Ronald G. Sultana (University of Malta).

What's the Buzz?

Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a terrific book. The multiple and diverse authors invite readers to consider and reconsider the complexities of leading schools for liberal democratic societies. Furthermore, the editors of this volume have done an outstanding job in weaving the multiple authors and their viewpoints into such an engaging and provocative book. Key Questions for Educational Leaders should become standard fare in educational leadership circles and well beyond.
Catherine A. Lugg, Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University

Both theoretically sound and practical, Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a stunning compilation of essays that span across important epistemological tensions often ignored in the literature on leadership studies. The volume is absolutely a gem for inspiring dialogue within both the classroom and larger community regarding critical concerns vital to a critical praxis of social justice—one not only committed to emancipatory ideals but also to genuinely transforming the world for the better.
Antonia Darder, Leavey Endowed Chair of Ethics and Moral Leadership, Loyola Marymount University.

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The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience

Darrin Griffiths & Scott Lowrey

The Principal Reader speaks directly to the practising and prospective principals.  It involves the lived experiences of practising principals throughout North America and how they address issues such as: change, conflict, social justice, student achievement, burnout, and leadership.

Editors Griffiths and Lowrey, both practising principals, are creating the first principal-centered book to ensure that leadership experiences in a variety of contexts are highlighted and shared. 

What's the Buzz?

These narratives from the "trenches" are a refreshing change from the empty prescriptions we get from politicians, edu-businesses, and those who have given up on public schooling. This book is a testament to the fact that there are committed educators struggling one day at a time to transform public schools in spite of their armchair critics.
Gary L. Anderson, Professor of Educational Leadership at NYU Steinhardt

The Principal Reader is an outstanding collection of narratives that conveys the lived texture of learning and the deep ecology of leadership. This is a book that should be required reading for all educators, especially at a time when public education is becoming overrun by business models and commodified by corporate initiatives.
Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor in Critical Sutides, Co-Director, the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, College of Educational Studies, Chapman University

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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching

Benjamin Kutsyuruba & Keith Walker

Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith Walker have gathered together over 40 teacher educators, beginning teachers, program coordinators, teacher association and ministry of education experts, teacher mentors, mentors of mentors, school administrators, and educational researchers to provide a unique, pan-Canadian set of perspectives in The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching.

What's the Buzz?

As a former school administrator and someone who teaches about leadership, I am pleased to see a book about early career teacher induction and mentorship across Canada. We need Canadian examples for us to better understand our own challenges and strengths. With their background and expertise, Keith Walker and Benjamin Kutsyuruba have provided us with an engaging and enlightening collection
Ann Sherman, PhD, Dean of Education, University of New Brunswick.

I am thankful to Benjamin and Keith for guiding this important and timely contribution to the literature surrounding the education, induction and mentorship of early career teachers. The voices presented within this book should help those of us who work in teacher education to gain an improved understanding of the impact on early career teachers of a teacher development model that assumes education programs are just one step in the development of teachers
Mark Hirschkorn, PhD, Former President of the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)

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Save Our Teachers' Souls: Professional and Social Well-Being in a Managerial Environment

Danielle Cassell & Victoria Door

The authors take the themes of well-being, happiness and flourishing and apply them to the lives of those who work in schools. Drawing on educational professionals' words and experiences, they show there is a deeply held view that teaching is an immensely worthwhile activity, but that uncritical, indiscriminate use of business models in education conflicts with pedagogic principles. They suggest how thinking about learning, leadership and management can be realigned to fit with teachers' sense of value and professional judgement, and how a technical rational view of accountability and performativity might be changed to make school a place where all concerned can flourish within a humane system based on trust and responsibility.

What's the Buzz?

A book with a soul!  A very courageous and much needed call from the grassroots. A must-read by all in educational policy and leadership.
John P. Portelli, Professor, OISE, University of Toronto

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The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World

Denver J. Fowler

This groundbreaking book titled The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World focuses on effectively leading schools in the digital age (21st Century and beyond) where a majority of all stakeholders including students, staff, parents, community members, and business owners are digital natives.  Written by an award-winning practitioner and international scholar, the author infuses this approach as it applies to all aspects of school leadership.  Chapters include Leading Schools in Today's World, Social Media for School Leaders 101, The Importance of Being a Life-Long Learner, Closing the Achievement Gap, Ethics and Leadership, Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, School Climate and School Culture, Work-Life Balance, Professional Learning Network, Leading for Inclusiveness, Educational Policy, School Law, School Finance and Human Resources, and Tips for School Leaders.

What's the Buzz?

“This is a significant contribution to the extant literature on school leadership that will help leaders ensure all children get what they need, including those on “the margins.””

Dr. Melody Musgrove (Former Director of the Office of Special Education at the United States Department of Education)

“Dr. Fowler has strategically pieced together a book that clearly embodies what it means to lead schools effectively in the 21st Century.”

Deb Delisle (Executive Director and CEO of ASCD, former Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education at the United States Department of Education)

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Perspectives on Canadian Educational Law and Policy

William T. Smale

This book presents a range of perspectives on educational law and policy and is divided into three sections addressing topics related to K-12 education, fundamental freedoms and Charter rights, and contemporary legal issues surrounding higher education. This highly engaging book focuses mainly on Canadian case law and jurisprudence, but also draws on American examples. The contributors examine a comprehensive collection of topics covering a diverse range of issues in educational law while focusing on the moral and ethical dimensions of education, democracy, civil liberties, equality and diversity, social justice, human rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Written in a non-legalistic style, this book is a valuable resource that could be used as a primary or supplementary course text for a senior undergraduate course, teacher education course, or graduate-level education law course.

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Voices Leading from the Ecotone

Anthony Normore & Antonia Issa Lahera & Kendall Zoller

The ecotone is a place of tension where infiltration and survival are tested in unique ways. In terms of school leadership, the ecotone is where we see leadership as a necessary and essential adaptation. VOICES Leading from the Field is a volume of narratives by practicing urban school leaders who share adaptive school experiences in high needs schools where social justice issues are prevalent and a daily reality of communities. These can range from issues of poverty, gangs, violence, racial tensions, disabilities, and LGBTQ. Each narrative highlights a leader’s struggles, challenges, and identify the “a-ha” moments that have helped the school move forward. These school leaders have adapted in ways they once thought impossible. To adapt is to be creative and innovative. Where they are now, both professionally and organizationally is not a place where leading is necessary. They are already ‘there.’ They see leadership as necessary for where they want to be, as it is not yet real.  Leadership, the act of leading, is needed to traverse the place between where they are and where they want to be. That place is the ecotone. They care deeply about school leadership, appreciate its strengths and imperfections, and are committed to diversity, equity, teaching and learning, and making leadership better.

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Teacher Wellbeing: Flourishing in Schools by Noticing, Nurturing, and Sustaining.

Sabre Cherkowski & Keith Walker

Teacher Wellbeing Matters!

Grounded in research that explores flourishing schools and positive educational leadership, this book advocates for much more attention on teacher wellbeing. Offering a blend of theory and practice, this book is written to engage teachers, groups of teachers, and school leaders in conversations that help make sense of the often overwhelming demands inherent in teaching, the accompanying challenges of these realities, and their impacts on teachers’ wellbeing. The authors argue that as teachers foster the wellbeing of their students, they must ensure that their own self-care is a professional priority.

What's the Buzz?

What educator would not want to work in flourishing school environment? However, changing the narrative about the realities of teaching is no easy task, especially when much of what is we read are the unrelenting workloads, selfdoubt, stress, and burnout teachers experience. Fortunately, Cherkowski and Walker provide a blueprint for reframing the narrative about teacher wellbeing, focusing on how growth mindsets, appreciative inquiry, hope, and resilience can sustain a flourishing school culture. Teachers and administrators who are inspired to “up their game” to thrive in schools should read and reflect on the ideas in this book.
Bruce Barnett, Professor Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Cherkowski and Walker have tackled a very important area - the combination of theory and practical strategies about educator wellbeing make this book one to add to your professional collection.

Linda Kaser, Director of Networks of Inquiry and Innovation, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Women and Educational Leadership: A Practitioner's Handbook

Jeanne Surface & Debbie Donsky

Call for Submissions


Women in Educational Leadership:  A practitioner’s handbook

Women in Educational Leadership is a handbook for practitioners in the field who identify as women or support women in leadership at all levels. We know that education, although predominantly and traditionally a profession of women, still clings to a patriarchal hierarchy that leaves women navigating leadership differently. By recognizing, deconstructing and interrogating the intersectionality of this experience, our hope is that this book will provide a diversity of narratives that will prompt reflection, dialogue and inspire change. Whether you are a teacher, a school or system leader, or an aspiring educator or leader, and wherever you are on the spectrum of gender, this collection of essays will help you to see different, question more deeply and create space for possibility in all educational settings.

This is a call for contributors for this exciting new opportunity to add to the many narratives which will inform our understanding of educational spaces. Although we have several areas of focus, we are also hopeful that the writers’ voices, experiences and histories will inform how this book is constructed.

Possible areas of focus may include:

·         Mothering in Educational Leadership

·         Racialized Women and Educational Leadership

·         Gender, Sexuality and Educational Leadership

·         Women and Mentorship in Educational Leadership

·         Women in Educational Leadership in the face of #MeToo

·         Women, Social Media and Educational Leadership

At the same time, we are hopeful that the narratives from contributing writers will also shape and guide areas of focus. All narratives should be informed by research within the field of critical feminist theory and its many facets.

Each submission should be between 1500 - 3000 words (with additional space if needed) including:

·         an abstract

·         prompting questions for reflection and dialogue at the end of each submission

·         MS Word, 12 point, double spaced

·         Titles must not exceed 15 words

·         MLA format

Manuscripts should be sent to jsurface@unomaha.edu   


Jeanne Surface, EdD

Nada Aoudeh, MEd

Debbie Donsky. EdD

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Everyday Encounters

John P. Portelli

Portelli has reinvented the genre of the short story. One has to move on, with one’s imaginary hopping from one stance to another, from rancour to joy, resentment to kindness, holiness to blasphemy. Some moments of our lives are the most memorable ones, and are more significant than hours or maybe years… Moments of happiness, loss, embarrassment, moments of hope. Portelli writes about these memorable moments. Portelli’s swift, conceptually clear and sharp short stories provide us with ordinary yet complex social encounters… sublime encounters that transfer authentic realities into realistic narratives.

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