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The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience

Darrin Griffiths &  Scott Lowrey

The Principal Reader speaks directly to the practising and prospective principals.  It involves the lived experiences of practising principals throughout North America and how they address issues such as: change, conflict, social justice, student achievement, burnout, and leadership.

Editors Griffiths and Lowrey, both practising principals, are creating the first principal-centered book to ensure that leadership experiences in a variety of contexts are highlighted and shared. 

What's the Buzz?

The Principal Reader is a banquet of reflective thinking. The insights provided will be illuminating for nearly anyone interested in schools.
Douglas J. Simpson, Texas Christian University & Texas Tech University.

The Principal Reader is truly a unique resource in educational leadership studies. The narratives in this volume provide insight into how educational leadership theory might be enacted and understood and how practical wisdom is exercised on a daily basis by highly skilled and thoughtful educational leaders. Editors Griffiths and Lowrey have bough together a collection of commentaries and narratives that will provoke conversations about the contemporary principalship.
Paul Newton, Department Head, Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Principals of Inclusion

Darrin Griffiths

Inclusion is the key to reaching every student and achieving whole-school reform.


Drawing on his own experience and that of other urban school principals, Dr. Griffiths identifies the barriers to inclusion and suggests creative ways to overcome them, including:

• A step-by-step framework for growing inclusion in any school
• A game plan for getting students, staff and parents on board
• Tips on developing allies
• Strategies for turning resistance into support
• A reconceptualization of the principalship that supports inclusion and social justice.

What's the Buzz?

Griffiths has made an important contribution as many school leaders will find this book a valuable resource in their day-to-day efforts to make their schools more holistic and inclusive.
John P. Miller, author of the Holistic Curriculum and Whole Child Education

It is one of the few educational leadership texts, grounded in a critical theoretical frame, that provides the reader with practical, critically-based, day-to-day strategies to afford every child in the school a quality educational experience.
Michael E. Dantley, Ed.D, Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership, School of Education, Health and Society, Miami University.

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Key Questions for Educational Leaders

Darrin Griffiths & John P. Portelli

This book features essays from top international scholars and practitioners on educational leadership.  Each of these authors addresses a specific question directly related to educational leadership and how to make schools more equitable and socially just. Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a must-read for all current and prospective educational leaders as well as those who facilitate leadership programs and ongoing learning.

Some of the featured authors include:  Helen M. Gunter (University of Manchester);  Joan Poliner Shapiro (Temple University); George Sefa Dei (OISE/UT); John MacBeath (Cambridge University); Margaret Grogan (Chapman University, California); John Smyth (University of Huddersfield);  Lejf Moos (Aarhus University, Copenhagen); and Ronald G. Sultana (University of Malta).

What's the Buzz?

Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a terrific book. The multiple and diverse authors invite readers to consider and reconsider the complexities of leading schools for liberal democratic societies. Furthermore, the editors of this volume have done an outstanding job in weaving the multiple authors and their viewpoints into such an engaging and provocative book. Key Questions for Educational Leaders should become standard fare in educational leadership circles and well beyond.
Catherine A. Lugg, Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University

Both theoretically sound and practical, Key Questions for Educational Leaders is a stunning compilation of essays that span across important epistemological tensions often ignored in the literature on leadership studies. The volume is absolutely a gem for inspiring dialogue within both the classroom and larger community regarding critical concerns vital to a critical praxis of social justice—one not only committed to emancipatory ideals but also to genuinely transforming the world for the better.
Antonia Darder, Leavey Endowed Chair of Ethics and Moral Leadership, Loyola Marymount University.

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Key Questions for Educators

William Hare & John P. Portelli

In this original collection of essays, well-known educational thinkers offer stimulating accounts of central concepts in contemporary discourse. Preservice and graduate students, and teachers and educational administrators at every level, will find these succinct yet substantial contributions an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to a wide-range of fundametnal ideas that constantly appear in discussions about schools, teaching, and educational theory.

What's the Buzz?

The essays in this collection offer clear, insightful discussions of important and complex topics that are relevant to anyone interested in the educational process.
Dr. Helenrose Fives, College of Education and Human Services, Montclair State University, NJ, USA

This book is exceptionally strong. It is easily accessible (and small enough) such that it would be very useful (and handy) to the student new to the field; at the same time readers gain access to introductions to topics by some of the leading thinkers in education. William Hare and John Portelli have once again done an excellent service to the study of foundations by putting together this text.
Dr. Donald Kerr, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, ON, Canada

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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching

Benjamin Kutsyuruba & Keith Walker

Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith Walker have gathered together over 40 teacher educators, beginning teachers, program coordinators, teacher association and ministry of education experts, teacher mentors, mentors of mentors, school administrators, and educational researchers to provide a unique, pan-Canadian set of perspectives in The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching.

What's the Buzz?

As a former school administrator and someone who teaches about leadership, I am pleased to see a book about early career teacher induction and mentorship across Canada. We need Canadian examples for us to better understand our own challenges and strengths. With their background and expertise, Keith Walker and Benjamin Kutsyuruba have provided us with an engaging and enlightening collection
Ann Sherman, PhD, Dean of Education, University of New Brunswick.

I am thankful to Benjamin and Keith for guiding this important and timely contribution to the literature surrounding the education, induction and mentorship of early career teachers. The voices presented within this book should help those of us who work in teacher education to gain an improved understanding of the impact on early career teachers of a teacher development model that assumes education programs are just one step in the development of teachers
Mark Hirschkorn, PhD, Former President of the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)

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What to do? Case Studies for Educators

William Hare & John P. Portelli

What To Do? presents a series of 48 incidents from school life that raise questions for today's teachres and administrators. In the absence of easy answers, it becomes necessary to think out an appropriate and acceptable response.

What's the Buzz?

This book is a valuable resource for prospective and practicing educators and for anyone interested in education.  It helps generate valuable dialogue about relevant contemporary issues.  The book helps promote the value of using “discussion case studies’.
Dr. Carlo Ricci, Faculty of Education, Nipissing University, ON, Canada

In What To Do, Hare and Portelli present a vision of educational philosophy which is grounded in the concrete dilemmas that teachers face day to day. They offer a series of open-ended case studies which pose difficult real life questions in very accessible language. They have produced a book which will help teachers, teacher educators, and others problematize teaching for both preservice and inservice teachers, helping to place in their hands some
recognizable yet slippery fish.
Dr. Mike Corbett, School of Education, Acadia University

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Save Our Teachers' Souls: Professional and Social Well-Being in a Managerial Environment

Danielle Cassell & Victoria Door

The authors take the themes of well-being, happiness and flourishing and apply them to the lives of those who work in schools. Drawing on educational professionals' words and experiences, they show there is a deeply held view that teaching is an immensely worthwhile activity, but that uncritical, indiscriminate use of business models in education conflicts with pedagogic principles. They suggest how thinking about learning, leadership and management can be realigned to fit with teachers' sense of value and professional judgement, and how a technical rational view of accountability and performativity might be changed to make school a place where all concerned can flourish within a humane system based on trust and responsibility.

What's the Buzz?

A book with a soul!  A very courageous and much needed call from the grassroots. A must-read by all in educational policy and leadership.
John P. Portelli, Professor, OISE, University of Toronto

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Case Studies for Inclusive Educators and Leaders

Darrin Griffiths & James Ryan

This book features case studies from teachers, leaders and educational professors on inclusion in schools.  Using a conception of inclusion that acknowledges issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and ability, this book provides readers with a useful blend of theory and practice. Each case is situated in a school setting and offers readers opportunities to learn about the complexities and challenges associated with issues of exclusion and to develop practices that support inclusion.

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Approaching Sunrise: My Personal Journey with Breast Cancer from Diagnosis to Survival

Joanne Stacey

Breast cancer survivor Joanne Stacey details the steps she took from diagnosis to survival in this raw and inspiring book.  Joanne shares a message of love, hope and guidance for readers. This is a must-read for anyone, including family members, who has been impactd by breast cancer. 

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The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today's World

Denver J. Fowler

The book focuses on leading school buildings/districts in the digital age (21st Century) with all stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, and community members as digital natives. In addition, the book infuses this approach within all aspects of successfully leading a school building/district (i.e., data analysis, fiscal responsibilities, school climate/culture, human resources, ethics, branding, professional development, etc.).

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The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experience

Darrin Griffiths & Scott Lowrey

The Principal Reader: Narratives of Experience spoke directly to practising and aspiring school leaders. Written by school leaders for school leaders, it shared the lived experience of school leaders throughout North America and they addressed opportunities and challenges such as: leadership theories in practice; leadership and adversity; building relationships and developing people; reconciliation through education; equity and inclusion; social justice; leading change and organizational improvement; and maintain ing work-life balance predicted by humor.
This book, The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experience, seeks to extend this conversation to the lived experiences of school-based and system-based educational leaders, including those serving in international settings. This book will feature upwards of 120 chapters from 30+ countries around the world.​ These chapters are to be written as if you were sharing an experience, story, or learning with a colleague over a coffee. It is this narrative form that truly captures the essence of leadership. The book is to be published in late December of 2017 with submissions due to by mid-November, 2017.  If you are interested in contributing a chapter (800 words or less) to this upcoming book please email one of the editors, Darrin Griffiths, directly at darrin.griffiths@wordanddeedpublishing.com

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Perspectives on Canadian Educational Law and Policies

William T. Smale

This book presents a range of perspectives on educational law and policy and is divided into three sections addressing topics related to K-12 education, fundamental freedoms and Charter rights, and contemporary legal issues surrounding higher education. This highly engaging book focuses mainly on Canadian case law and jurisprudence, but also draws on American examples. The contributors examine a comprehensive collection of topics covering a diverse range of issues in educational law while focusing on the moral and ethical dimensions of education, democracy, civil liberties, equality and diversity, social justice, human rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Written in a non-legalistic style this book is a valuable resource that could be used as a primary or supplementary course text for a senior undergraduate course, teacher education course, or graduate-level education law course.

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